Design in the studio

We start all of the collections drawing on research images and inspirational sketches on various themes.  These sketches lead to either wax carved or CAD models and the journey continues.

CAD & Wax Carving

To begin creating jewellery pieces, we produce technical sketches from which we are able to make CAD 3D images. These images bring our pieces to life as a 3D visual prototype.


The prototype model becomes a master pattern and then a mould.  This mould enables the caster to produce small batches of the same design in the chosen metals. 


 The pieces are now ready to be finished by hand, this includes filing, sanding, rough polishing.

small batch production


Our Gala & Vicky Discs can be personalised with hand or laser engraving.


The Kari Munro hallmark is held at the Goldsmith’s Company Assay Office, Greville Street, London.  

All our pieces are stamped with our unique hallmark KML.

Final Polishing

A final hand polish ensures a beautiful mirror finish for our customers to enjoy.

Packed & on its way

With the help of Royal Mail we ensure your thoughtfully packaged jewellery arrives with you safe and sound. 



We only use reclaimed and refined gold in all our cast pieces.

As our pieces are made in solid gold or silver, they should not oxidise or tarnish so can be worn every day and everywhere.

From design to final production, all processes happen in small batches here in the UK.  We use fully recyclable boxes and bags for our products.

We only use ethically sourced gemstones which are produced with the utmost care for the environment, as we are passionate about caring for people and our planet. We are totally committed to all initiatives to avoid and reduce emissions.

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